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We are an outsourcing firm that has specialized in integral solutions for different lines of business that seek to improve their marketing and sales results through our proven CRM service methodology as well as the digital transformation principles that prevail today.

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  • Marketing Department

    Lead qeneration and qualification for B2B and B2C, service surveys and mystery shopping.

  • Sales Department

    B2B and B2C ad budget optimization, appointment scheduling, and creation of Customer Journeys based on audiences.

  • IT Department

    CRM implementation, networking and telecom solutions.

We have plans that fit all of your company’s needs to help you increase your sales.

We have helped over 30 companies by increasing their overall sales and marketing results, their teams have become stronger by establishing key processes in the sales cycle thus increasing their overall win rate.

Salesforce Implementation starting at

$799per month
  • CRM Implementation
  • Develop Team
  • Training
  • Consulting

Prospecting Services starting at

$800per month
  • 3 hours daily
  • Leads Generation
  • Email Marketing
  • 1 Virtual Assistant
  • 4 Social Account

Inbound Sales and Customer Engagement starting at

$1,600per month
  • Customer Tracking
  • Digital Media
  • 3,000 People Audience
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Social Content
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