Online Media Marketing in Guatemala

Online Media Marketing in Guatemala

One of the most useful and innovative tools, which publishers have just begun to use in Guatemala, is Online Media Marketing. Said branch deals with ads in websites, browsers, social media management, mass emails and blogs among others.

The most luring advantage for companies that want their brand to be positioned through these means, is the exponential growth of their potential target audience. This happens given the fact that going online is much more practical and possible than a couple of years ago. A determining factor of which, is that there is a wide array of devices which make the process of going online completely effortless and swift.

According to a research conducted by Ilifebelt on 2014, it is estimated that Guatemala’s population is aproximately of 15,859,714 persons, out of which 2,716,781 have internet connection. Nine percent of them go online for more than 2 hours on a daily basis.

They also remark that the devices that Guatemalans use to go online are primarily desktops 28%, followed closely by mobile phones with a 27%, and 24% use their laptops. Coming close are the tablet users with a 16% and lastly the 5% use a smart tv.

To put it in other terms, there were 1,307,975 new mobile lines on 2012 which, in comparison, tripled the amount of newborns on that year alone (388,613, according to the National Statistics Institute INE). There is a total of 21,716,357 active cellular phone lines in Guatemala which is 929,277 more than the amount registered at the end of 2012 which represents an increment of 4.4%, according to the Telecommunications Superintendence Bulletin.

This shows that Guatemala’s population are constantly acquiring new compatible devices which are compatible with Online Marketing. It makes the amount of potential customers become a desirable objective for publishers and advertisers.