CRM’s Impact on Customer Satisfaction

CRM’s Impact on Customer Satisfaction

Efficiency is one of the key elements that makes or breaks a deal between a company and their customers. As we all know, customer satisfaction has significant implications for the economic performance of any company that we can think of. Customer loyalty is what keeps our companies alive, since they represent a steady income flow and new revenue due to referrals. On the other hand we have the dreaded customer complaints which are what cause customer defection.

The implementation of a well-structured, nurtured and high performing CRM program is likely to have an effect on customer satisfaction for at least three reasons:

CUSTOMIZATION: First of all, CRM allows our companies to customize their products or services in order to best suit each customer’s needs. This is all achieved by accumulating every bit of information across customer interactions and processing it so they can discover hidden patterns that result in the best possible program for us. One of the basic advantages of CRM applications is that they help companies customize their products/services to suit each and every need of their target customers. This enhances the perceived quality of products and services from a customer’s viewpoint, and because perceived quality is a determinant of customer satisfaction, it follows that CRM applications indirectly affect customer satisfaction.

EFFICIENCY: CRM applications also enable us to provide accurate processing of customer orders and requests on the most efficient manner. By learning which activities have top priority for them and which can be considered as expendable when needed.

ESTABLISH CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS: CRM applications also help companies manage customer relationships more effectively across the stages of relationship initiation, maintenance, and termination because of the perception of our companies caring about them enough to create specific products/services that met their expectations.

There’s no better feeling for a customer than to know that their chosen provider is capable of not just giving them what they were looking for, but tailoring for them as well? This is why CRM driven companies cause a deep impact on their customers who become loyal in return.