Segmenting: Adapting Our Marketing Efforts to Suit Our Customers

Segmenting: Adapting Our Marketing Efforts to Suit Our Customers

Business has been in a constant evolution since the beginning of mankind. We have now gotten to the point when we don’t usually go to a place where we can find a wide array of products which may vary from groceries to electronics, or from clothing to medicines and vitamins. Instead, the consumer nowadays prefers to visit a specialized place where they will be treated to the very best option in the market to fulfill their specific needs. It is not enough nowadays, for example, to visit any bakery when our sweet tooth has a craving. There is nothing better than to enjoy a mouth watering Cannoli in our favorite Italian cafe, or a delicious Crema Catalana prepared by an authentic Spaniard Chef. This is why it is so important that any business has to focus on a very specific area of the market to tackle. This is called “segmentation”, in other words, it is to divide a broad target market into subsets of consumers or businesses and then designing and implementing strategies to target them.

Online media is no stranger to these needs, in fact, segmentation is an integral part of it and one of its best assets. Imagine you have a catering service and want your potential customers to know about it. If you want to get noticed, you must never rely on a generic ad, but you should individualize your advertisements depending on the target audience that is going to be reached. The advertisement that is set to appear on a gaming website should definitely not be the same as one that would appear on a wedding planner’s site. Even though they will be both offering your services, they will be tailored to fit your target audience’s needs. All these advertisements are a part of what is known as an Ad Group, which is a Universe formed by several ads which hold the same essence, but have each been slightly tweaked to suit your potential customers and their demands.

You can have an Ad Group which encompasses your food catering service, but what if your business also provides event planning services? …or music and entertainment? Another advantage of Online Media is that you can have more than just one Ad Group per campaign. This way your marketing strategies are better structured and organized and your team will be able to keep track of the results of your campaigns more accurately.

Don Norman, the Director of The Design Lab at University of California, San Diego, once said: “Market segmentation is a natural result of the vast differences among people”, and what better way to increase your brand’s positioning than to make your target audience believe that your ad was made with them specifically on your mind?

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