Stick to your guns [Sales Tips]

Stick to your guns [Sales Tips]

I’ve always thought and I know that the years don’t pass by in vain. The wisdom of the elders is invaluable; proof of this are the famous sayings that don’t lose value after passed from generation to generation. I’ve heard hundreds of people claiming they can do many things at the same time, and even if they could, it will never be the same as if they concentrate on one thing at a time. They will never have better results until they focus on something and execute it.

This happens often in business, even when the salesperson is keen, calculating and opportunist; we think that by his/her skills and abilities, we can place him in activities that do not correspond to his position such as collecting, administrative services, after-sales services and we blur what he does best. SELL!

-How to offload the salesperson and increase his or her sales?
We need to analyze the sales structure through a diagram, relying on the following questions:

1. How will information be handled?
2. Where is the administrative burden?
3. What prospecting support does the salesperson have?

With this we can identify all internal and external factors that hamper the sales workflow, we will identify what the administrative burdens for our salespeople are, and we will allow them to concentrate on sales. In the end, our grandparents were right: Stick to your guns!