Tools to optimize time at work

Tools to optimize time at work

The effectiveness, with which we go from a point A to a point B, makes the difference. By analyzing the internal processes in a company, we can confirm that they were established before having many of the tools that technology has advanced with.

This refers to the analysis of a process or tool that facilitates the activities of employees, their performance and therefore the administration to their superiors. For example, how much time an employee loses remembering a password or retrieving his mail?, why not use Bitium, LastPass or some other tool to optimize that process, save time and get better results. Even the time wasted by an employee using a USB or e-mail which takes too long to load, instead of using, google drive or Dropbox.

In the present time there are tools that have helped in other areas of an organization, as the case of the counter waiting until payday for their travel expenses report when there are apps like Expensify, Expenditure or any other tool that expedites this process.

Some tips for searching tools:

— The tool should be simple and easy to use
— Make a plan and a pilot plan with key people, one of them is the person who always wants to try new things and its counterpart, the analog that does not embrace technology, this will help us get both analyzes
— There are websites that are charged with comparing tools such as: ForbesTop Ten Reviews and CRM Software Review
– Specify all on paper and create or attach help videos to it as this facilitates the adoption, you can create free videos using an application like JING, and place them on the web through
— Use in a centralized way all business processes, we recommend setting an internal system in google docs that can be shared or tools like Atlassian or Demand where you can create an internal “wiki” processes

Using these tools the process at work in all company´s employees, will get easier and ensure better adoption of any tool, system or cultural change to apply.

It is extremely important to constantly update processes within an organization, not only for the optimization of resources, but also as a critical success factor to consider for achieving, maintaining and exceeding the expectations of our customers, partners and suppliers.