Lucy Mendoza

CRM Consulting Manager

Lucy is our Client Success Manager who is about to graduate with a Business Administration Degree. She is a certificated Administrator and is currently getting a certification as Service and Operations Specialist. She is a perfectionist who likes to face challenges and continuously demand more from her, which is why she achieved her goal of getting such a high scoring average to exonerate from her final graduate exam.

She has a professional background as a wedding and event planner so is capable of managing every organizational aspect to satisfy our customer’s demands. She looks at herself as a leader who influences all the people around her with her behavior and performance.

She considers that the best way to do so is by setting an example. Lucy is very persistent when there is a goal to fulfill, and when there are new challenges to overcome. She is very proud of her team at work because of their hard – work and growth focused mentality. She knows each and everyone’s skills and strengths so is able to delegate specifically what suits them better for the best results possible.

Lucy is fluent in English as a spoken language and loves to read romantic novels, especially the ones where the author manages to grasp her attention by using a great narrative resource. She attends a church where she usually participates in social aid activities and she also loves to go to the movies with her friends.


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