Richard Dekkers

Project Manager

Richard is the Online Media Manager for one of our Media teams. He was born and raised in the Netherlands where he went to a senior high that was specialized in business administration. After that he went to the University where, taking notice of his skills, he took a career in Business Informatics. In that time he was trained with enough information system and configuration tools that suited him for a bridge position between management, users and programmers.

His analytic and observational personality is perfect to work in the background, organizing his team, which is why he was hired as the ISO 9001 quality system manager for Hoechst AG. Here he was also in charge of documenting all procedures and work instructions until all the systems he implemented were flawless. After that, he was promoted and later moved to their offices in Amsterdam. This experience granted him with the ability to coordinate his teams the best way possible. He has high quality system standards and is able to give his workmates tasks that fit their skills perfectly, and also improve the areas where they are lacking in performance. He also studies every aspect of the company he works which makes him a great Communicator to the client.

He knows that there is a huge similarity between European and North American business market which is why he prioritizes principles such as punctuality and straight-to-the-point communications. Another aspect he holds valuable is organization, which is why he created and implemented several dashboards and google documents to clarify the most for his team and to document to his client how the team is performing, volume and quality wise.

Richard is a prized Chef and Restaurateur, and has some restaurants which he has opened during his time here in Guatemala. His spare time is for him to spend with his kids, to catch a good program on Netflix or develop the best strategy for his fantasy football and soccer teams. He is a Tampa Bay Buccaneers and PSV Eindhoven fan.


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